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  • This is a question we are often asked by residents who are experiencing problems with specific foxes that have become over familiar to their properties.

    This may be because of a close neighbour deliberately feeding them that keeps them coming back or they are living underneath a nearby shed, home office building or decking system.

    Any fox control undertaken must be legal and an approved method.

    Taking advice from someone down the pub or a neighbour who has their own unorthodox or illegal methods is not going to be appropriate or safe.

    Fox repellents do not pose any physical threat and are either washed away or quickly ignored.

    Dealing with a company that solely deals with urban foxes in London should be your aim.

    'Jack of all trades' will not have sufficient knowledge or experience, let alone the required certification provided by their respective Police Authority.

    Speak to us about your urban fox issues and if necessary we will pay you a visit and carry out an inital site survey inspection.


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