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  • Speak to me about your issues regarding nuisance urban foxes in London.

    My name is Steve Barron and I am the Director of Pest - Go Limited.

    I have been dealing with all types of urban fox issues in London since 2002.

    My knowledge and experience in dealing with all aspects of urban fox management is often copied by 'copy cats' but never matched or rivalled.

    I do not offer a 'cheap' option as there isn't one.

    Nobody wants 'cheap' as it is usually poor quality, shabby, inferior and unreliable.

    * Legal Urban Fox Management

    * Dead Fox Removal

    * Professional Fox Proofing & Exclusion

    * Habitat Management (Over grown gardens / plots of land cleared)

    Call now on 07930573934 to appoint initial inspection.

    All premises across London including Schools, Hospitals, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Private Properties, Commercial Premises, Warehouses etc.

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