• Emergency Fox Removal London Construction Site 03 January 2019 | View comments

  • Yesterday morning I was called to a London construction site where a fox was discovered on the 2nd floor in the washroom.

    This was the first time such an occurance like this had happened on this particular site.

    The fox appeared to be full of life and not diseased or ill.

    It was decided that the most appropriate action to take in this situation was to restrain it using an animal handling pole, escort it down the stairs, outside and release it directly outside the construction site.

    What I couldn't do was transport the fox miles away and dump it. This type of action would not be appropriate in terms of Animal Welfare & Disease Management.

    If the fox was dying or showing signs of disease it would have been humanely put to sleep.

    The Site Management were given advice should over familiar foxes start to become an issue on site.

    We do NOT have to kill every fox we come into contact with.

    Having a professional, compassionate, sensible approach to the situation at hand is a direct result of extensive experience and knowledge obtained from working in the field.


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