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  • Yet again we have been approached asking if we can 'relocate' nuisance foxes elsewhere from a service yard in London.

    We don't make the rules when it comes to animal welfare & disease management - nor will we break them and find ourselves in Court for contravening The Animal Welfare Act 2006.

    The trapping & dumping of foxes from one location to another is NOT appropriate in terms of animal welfare & disease management.

    It is a complete misconception to believe that 'dumped' relocated foxes will continue to live a 'happy life'.

    It is our responsibility to be responsible. I am sure that you wouldn't be happy if an unmarked vehicle pulled up outside you home late at night, opened the back door and released 20 foxes!

    This is no different to fly-tipping.

    If you are having issues with urban foxes - please seek professional advice.

    That said, there are so many 'experts' it is difficult to understand who is giving the correct advice.

    All I can say is if it sounds to good to be true - it probably is.

    Ask for a fully typed Method / Risk Assessment before authorising any works.

    Ensure all avenues have been explored including proofing, exclusion, housekeeping and hygiene.

    Double check Firearm certification and Public Liability Insurance.

    Being professional, experienced and knowledgable in our choosen field of work is what stands us apart from the rest.



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