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  • Foxes biting or 'nipping people' is uncommom but not unheard of.

    As this type of fox behaviour doesn't happen often, tends to stir the media up and in turn the general public.

    Foxes are wild and unpredictable creature and do have the ability to inflict serious bite wounds that can then become infected with germs and bacteria from the fox's saliva.

    Being a reservior to parasites such as flea, ticks, mange and worms - they are a formidable risk to public health that should not be ignored.

    A fox wondering into someone's home via an open patio door or window is nothing new.

    Urban foxes by nature are very inquisitive, resourceful, adaptable and becoming more and more tolerant and fearless towards humans due to excessive interaction and people who choose to deliberately feed and tame them.

    * Please don't feed the foxes

    * Please don't try to 'tame' foxes

    * Do monitor open doors and windows to prevent casual intruders.


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