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  • I am often asked to recommend an effective 'fox repellent'.

    My answer is always that they pose no physical threat to the fox in question that has become over familiar to your property.

    Certain 'fox repellents' that you can buy that are supposed to mimic 'other foxes' can become counterproductive given the fact that urban foxes live in close proximity to one another.

    One thing's for certain - if you are going to try to use a 'fox repellent' it MUST be an approved product and you MUST read the label or you will face prosecution.

    You must never use 'homemade' cocktails or buy into old wifes tales such as:

    * Chilli Powder

    * Male Human Urine

    * Engine Oil

    * Diesel

    * Noxious Substances

    This would be illegal as none of the above are "Approved Substances for the use as a Fox Repellent".

    Finally, it is illegal in the UK to poison foxes.

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