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  • The capture of urban foxes and their release into rural areas could be an offence under The Animal Welfare Act 2006.

    It would be necessary to demonstrate to a Magistrate or Judge that the animal in question has endured "Unnecessary Suffering" as a result.

    Unfortunately, no cases have yet been tested in Court.

    The relocation/translocation of urban foxes from one area to another is considered by professionals as extremely poor practice.

    Dumping foxes causes unnecessary stress for the animal in transit and upon release.

    A dumped fox would then have to compete for food and shelter with other foxes in the dump zone - often getting injured or killed in the process.

    Most dumped foxes will only survive 24Hrs in an alien environment.

    Furthermore, it is never appropriate to relocate foxes from one area to another in terms of animal welfare and disease management.

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