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  • There are a number of methods of Fox Control that may be legally used in the UK.

    Its important to note that foxes are NOT a protected species in the UK unlike the badger for instance; however, they are offered limited protection under The Animal Welfare Act 2006 against acts of cruelty and suffering under the control of man.

    Legal fox control methods in the UK include:

    * Shooting (using an appropriate calibre firearm - NOT air rifle)

    * Cage trapping and dispatching on-site

    * Legal use of snares (free running not self locking)

    * Galvanised mesh proofing and exclusion

    It is illegal to use self-locking snares, any bows or crossbows, any explosives other than ammunition for a firearm certified for the user or a 'live' decoy in the UK.

    It is illegal to poison foxes in the UK.

    No fumigant compounds are currently appoved for the gasing of foxes in the UK.

    The Hunting Act 2004 (which we fully support) makes the hunting with dogs of wild mammals, including foxes illegal.

    The includes deliberately using dogs to chase foxes away from gardens, allottments etc. It does not include cases where the dog chases the fox when the owner does not intend it to do so.

    The Hunting Act 2004 contains a few tightly drawn exemptions intended to allow certain necessary pest control activities to continue, but these are unlikely to apply in urban areas.

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