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  • I was called to a property in North London where the back of the property was under construction. A new extention was being built to accomodate a new kitchen.

    The construction site as 'open' prior to windows and doors being fitted. During this time, an adult male fox was managing to squeeze through an original air brick at the back of the original house and was living under the floor boards of the main house. The fox was entering and leaving the back of the property until the windows, doors and patio door were fitted.

    The residents who were living in the property during the construction were hearing noises each morning around 2-3am.

    One morning, the property own discovered a fox in the new extention which bolted back under the house. Fouling and the strong smell of fox urine had already started to raise suspicions -  as well as a chewed power cable for a circular saw that didnt go down very well with the contractors.


    Motion Sensor Camera's were placed under the floor boards where fox hair fibres were found:

    Having established that a fox was living under the floor boards of the house, it was necessary to quickly remove the fox as quick and safely as possible as there were also young children living in the property and it was unknown if any other unseen gnawing/damage had occured.

    If the fox died under the house, it would mean that all of the ground floor flooring would have had to of been lifted to access the carcase.

    The fox was safely trapped overnight within the extention and removed. The house and extention had in fact become the 'trap'. We had to put a trap in the 'trap' to successfully remove the fox.

    Further monitoring was carried out to ensure no other animals were present given the time of the year.

    Being unpredictable and opportunistic, foxes will explore and seek out new living quarters to suit.

    Construction sites are always a favourite but never acceptable.



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