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  • Pest – Go Limited (Urban Fox Control London) recognises the importance of protecting construction site workers and the public from the potential wide range of threats to health and safety concerns from urban foxes.

    Such disease risks may include:

    * Lyme's disease

    * Toxoplasmosis

    * Leptospirosis (Weils' disease)

    In addition, urban foxes can cause:

    * Serious structural and financial impact

    * Ruin Screeding / Groundworks

    * Damaging insulation

    * Chewing electrical wiring and polyurathane piping

    * Persistent fouling & urination (slip/trip hazard)

    * Unseen damage & contamination

    * Biting Insect (flea) infestations

    Construction Site Managers and Surveyors need to recognise that property developments and regeneration works in urban areas where foxes are present require potential issues to be addressed as part of the planning and progressive site maintenance process.

    Pest - Go Limited (Urban Fox Control London) follow safe, effective and environmentally responsible urban fox management work.

    Such strategies are capable of being audited as part of the specific site's project management programme due to our unique format reporting system

    Urban fox management will be the responsibility of site management to provide a safe working environment for employees, contractors, and others who may affected by under the Health and Safety at Work, Etc. Act 1974.

    Taking down of buildings that are known to be harbouring foxes can result in dispersion and local relocation into the surrounding area.

    This may result in the same foxes causing issues around the construction site at any stage of the build.

    We recommended that at least six weeks prior to the commencement of any building works, land clearance or regeneration that the site is surveyed by us to identify the presence and extent of any fox activity, especially in inner city areas of London.

    When fox activity is identified, appropriate treatments can be advised upon.

    Contractors should ensure that construction sites are kept as clear and tidy as possible.

    Accumulations of surplus or damaged building materials can act as an attraction for urban foxes and should be removed and disposed on a regular basis.

    Construction staff must never leave food debris within buildings under construction, as this will encourage foxes to frequent.

    Food should only be kept in one area on site such as the designated canteen.

    Staff site facilities including canteens, offices, changing rooms/toilets and stores must be kept clean and in a hygienic manner in accordance with relevant regulations and codes of practice.

    Waste must be stored safely in suitably located, fox-resistant, closable containers and removed frequently.

    If you manage or are responsible for Health & Safety on a London Construction Site and require help & advice concerning urban fox issues, please call us on 07930573934 or email foxcontrollondon@live.co.uk

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