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  • Most London schools are situated in highly populated areas siding onto or backing onto gardens, shops or housing/commercial estates.

    Due to the schools 'open spaces'; foxes find these areas very attractive to roam and frequent.

    Problems often reported in schools concerning fox activity include:

    * Persistent fouling & urination by foxes

    * Foxes digging under portable buildings and classrooms.

    * Flea and other biting insect infestations in areas there foxes have been active.

    * Childrens toys and play items becoming damaged or contaminated.

    * Foxes entering buildings via open doors, windows or missing slates on the roof.

    * Foxes persistently digging playing fields in search for insects to eat or to 'cache' food for a later date.

    We always provide London Schools with a no obligation Site Survey Inspection followed by a detailed Report.

    If you are a School Head Teacher, Business Manager or Site Facilities Manager contact us today to arrange a site inspection.

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