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  • Urban Fox Trapping

    If it is necessary to remove specific foxes that have become over familiar to a location to prevent risks to Public Health, Livestock attacks or Property Damage in urban areas; it will most likely to be carried out by a trapping cycle.

    Fox cage traps are placed in pre-confirmed areas where they will not be tampered with or seen by the general public.

    Fox cage traps are covered for protect trapped animals from adverse weather conditions.

    Fox cage traps are never placed in public areas or where badgers have been reported to be active.

    Following Government Guidelines (Rural Development Science April 2005) fox cage traps are inspected at least once every 24Hrs or more frequently to avoid unnecessary suffering or cruelty.

    The removal and release of trapped foxes elsewhere is not recommended on animal welfare grounds and disease management principals.

    All trapped animals must be treated humanely. Causing unnecessary suffering, whether deliberate or through neglect is an offence.

    Trapped foxes must be treated and killed humanely. (Protection of Animals Act 1911).

    Live baits and decoys are prohibited (Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981).




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