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  • Diseases, Parasites & Foxes

    Foxes can be infected with a number of zoonoses (these are diseases communicable to man).

    In the UK, foxes are not the only a reservior of any specific disease.

    All wild animals should be thought of as potential vectors of disease and a highjer standard of personal hygiene should be adpoted when handling wildlife is required.

    Foxes are very susceptible to sarcoptic mange as they live in close proximity to each other and the disease is easily spread by contact and being in contact with an area where a disease fox has frequented such as bedding, fences, hedges or walkways for instance.

    Foxes host a number of tapeworms; of these Echinococcus granulosus (causing hydatid disease in humans) is the most important in terms of Public Health.

    Human infection of hydatid disease is rare but not unheard of.


    Other significant external parasite linked with fox presence include fleas and ticks. Lyme disease connected to the presence of ticks hosted by foxes.




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