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  • To discourage foxes from coming to your property you should:

    * Secure food waste bins and prevent waste from over flowing onto the ground.

    * Ensure pets are well secured e.g rabbits, chicken, guinea pigs etc.

    * Refrain from deliberately feeding them (this includes neighbours).

    * Refrain from interacting and trying to tame foxes.

    If a fox issues persists, you should seek professional advice, but you must NOT:

    * Use gassing or poisoning

    * Block or destroy a fox earth (hole) if occupied

    * Do anything that may cause serious injury or suffering to the fox (es)

    * Use self locking snares

    * Use a bow, crossbow or air rifle against the fox (es).

    As a professional Urban Fox Management Service Provider in London, we can advise on the most appropriate control and mitigaion techniques.

    If we are going to carry out Fox Proofing & Exclusion we will ensure that NO foxes are present at the time of final exclusion.

    If we are going to carry out a Fox Trapping / Removal Treatment we will ensure that a full Method Statement & Risk Assessment is presented, cage traps are inspected at least once every 24Hrs as per National Guidelines, any trapped foxes are humanely killed whilst inside the cage trap and that any non-taget species are released unharmed.

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