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  • Health & Safety requirements on UK Construction Sites and Building Sites has become more and more controlled over the last 20 years with more emphaises on preventing accidents, hazards and near misses.

    Having foxes on a construction site can potentially cause unforeseen risks such as:

    * Slip & Trip hazard by unseen fox fouling on walkaways

    * Contamination of surfaces with urine (Leptospirosis / Weils disease risk

    * Gnawing of live cables

    * Site Operatives being distracted by the presence of a fox on site

    * Flea / tick / insect infestations

    * Building fabrication damage / contamination

    * Foxes becoming over familiar to the site and dying in wall cavities

    If you take Health & Safety seriously - you will take the presence and implications of foxes on your site as seriously as rats.

    Call today to arrange a no obligation site inspection.

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