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  • London will always have a steady population of foxes.

    People will always feed them and the foxes will always scavenge through bins and other waste sources in search for food.

    Fox accommodation will never be in short supply whilst we have sheds and decking in our back gardens, void properties with over grown gardens and portable buildings that become permanant.

    We cannot help foxes cutting through our properties going from A to B. This is always going to happen.

    Human / Fox conflicts start when specific individual foxes become over familiar to a particular location.

    This is usually as a result of somebody deliberately feeding or trying to 'tame' the fox (es).

    Young foxes are very impressionable but grow at a fast rate.

    Before long the small cute cub becomes an adult and it's advances 6 months ago and no longer acceptable as it is now a fully grown adult - but thinks it can carry on as it started.

    The nuisance fox is the symptom of the man-made problem.

    If you live or work in London / Essex / Hertfordshire and are having issues with foxes on your property - please call us for advice.

    All property types are covered.

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