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  • There are several types of heartworms widespread in different parts of the world.

    The most relevant Heart worm found in the UK with significant importance that all dog owners need to be aware of is Angiostrongylus vasorum (AV spp.)

    AV is a nematode (parasitic worm) commonly found in domestic dogs, foxes and other canids in southern England and many parts of Europe.

    Although called heartworm, it actually lives in the lung arteries of its definitive host such as foxes or dogs. Disease transmission requires an intermediate host (slugs and snails) and a definitive host (foxes and dogs), although frogs that have eaten infested slugs and snails have also been implicated in the transmission to dogs and presumably foxes. The disease has severe consequences for the infected animal including heart failure and death.

    The disease is not easily treated in dogs and since foxes have been implicated as a reservior, this is a matter of concern.

    Speak to your Vet about the prevention of Lung Worm.

    It is an important fact that most parasites are transmissible between foxes and domestic dogs.


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