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  • Here a a list of the services we LEGALLY provide across London.

    Animal welfare and disease management is at the forefront of our work.

    We use cage fox traps containing food & water for monitoring as well as capture when necessary.

    These units are monitored using motion sensor cameras and checked twice a day.

    Monitoring before acting is a very important aspect of what we do as well as communicating with our clients / managing agents and Authorities such as the local Police.

    We only work on PRIVATE PROPERTY as opposed to the public highway.

    Public opinion will alway be divided and I am very understanding of this; however, as a legal service provider I obey UK Laws and Legislation related to this type of service.

    * Urban Fox Management (Depending on the time of the year and situation).

    * Surveying and Reporting on Urban Fox issues on PRIVATE PROPERTY

    * Urban Fox monitoring and pre-management planning.

    * Dead Fox Removal & Disinfection.

    * Fox Proofing & Exclusion (Depending on time of the year).

    * Emergency Fox extraction from sensitive areas / buildings.




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    Pest - Go Limited provide safe and responsible Dead Fox Removal and Disinfection Services cross London.

    Call us for a no obligation quotation on 07930573934

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    Pest - Go Limited provides a fully comprehensive Urban Fox Management Service around Edmonton North London N18 and N9 postcode areas.

    * Dead Fox Removal

    * Fox Proofing & Exclusion

    * Habitat Management and Adjustment

    * Fox Control (legally carried out when appropriate)

    Call us today to arrange a no obligation site inspection.

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    Pest - Go Limited has worked in Ilford Essex since 1998 so you can imagine we know the area like the back of out hand - and it's urban fox issues experienced around the London Borough of Redbridge.

    Call us today to arrange a no obligation inspection if you are having issues with foxes on your premises.

    Commercial or residential - we visit them all!

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