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  • The words 'fox control' can stir-up allsorts of emotional feelings and misunderstandings.

    Fox Control methods do NOT necessarily have to be lethal; however, lethal control carried out in a lawful way is legal in the UK.

    Non-lethal urban fox control methods can include:

    * Waste Management

    * Proofing

    * Exclusion

    * Habitat Management

    As a professional company, we do not use 'repellents'.

    This is because they offer no physical threat to over familiar foxes that want to persistently visit a specific place.

    Some repellents that are supposed to mimic 'other foxes' arriving on another foxes 'territory' can become counterproductive at the 'regular fox' starts to increase site attendances to find out who the 'new kid on the block' is.

    The fact that there are so many urban foxes across London, territorialness in urban foxes is somewhat diluted.

    This may be because urban foxes live in such close proximity to one another and in London there is not a shortage of food for them.

    This is another reason why 'trapping & dumping' urban fox is an offence under The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (Unnecessary suffering).

    We are generally called in after initial DIY 'off the counter' repellent methods have been tried and exhausted; often after a great expense.

    Only 'approved substances' may be used in the UK to repel foxes if you were to they this route. This means 'home-made' repellents will be illegal as will using noxious chemicals that could cause pain and suffering to not only the fox you are trying to get rid of but other wildlife, domestic pets and children that could come in contact with what you may have placed.

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    Does your decking, shed or home office need proofing against urban foxes?

    Our fox proofing techniques are second to none.

    We only use the finest galvanised meshing cut to size on site and fixed using either Paslode staples or screw and washer method.

    A no-obligation quotation is provided.

    All premises covered as urban foxes are not fussy as the where they are going to set-up home.


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    Schools across London suffer with over familiar foxes frequenting their premises on a nightly basis depositing rubbish, nappies, debris as well as constantly fouling and urinating on the playgrounds, entrances and walkways.

    Not being nocturnal; foxes will come out during the day where over familiar behaviour and unwanted advances is often reported.

    Being wild animals, foxes are unpredictable and a reservior for parasites - not what you want in a school environment.

    If you are a London School Business Manager or Premises Manager and would like to hold a 30 minute meeting to discuss your concerns - please contact me.

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    We have London covered for all your Urban Fox Managements needs.

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