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  • Urban Fox capture and removal is of course, an essential part of nuisance wildlife control.

    While most people appreciate nature, they do not always appreciate the destruction of property, disturbance of peace, or health risks that urban foxes in and around Schools, Hospitals, Residential & Commercial areas cause.

    The main objective of Pest - Go Limited is to quickly and humanely remove the over familiar urban foxes causing the problems.

    It is NOT our aim to eliminate every animal in the area, just the target ones causing the specific isolated issue.


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    Death is a part of the natural cycle.

    It can happen on private property, or even inside the house itself.

     If an animal is found dead outside, it should be examined for signs of sickness or poisoning and properly removed and disposed of.

    If left unremoved, the decay process will begin, complete with an infestation of maggots, and the stench will be unpleasant (not to mention the attraction of vermin and disease).

    If a dead fox is within a structure, the problem is worse, because the smell will gather within the building.

    I deal with several cases each week in which occupants have abandoned their homes (or certain rooms of their property) due to the foul odour.

    We provide London, Essex & Hertfordshire with the best Dead Fox Removal Service money can buy.


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    Nuisance urban foxes can be a big problem here in London.

    With urban foxes cutting through our parks and gardens, it's not surprising that some find their way inside houses, businesses and properties from time to time.

    Foxes can be extremely destructive inside human homes, creating foul odours and stains, spreading disease, chewing on wires and insulation and shedding parasites such as fleas and ticks.

    You should never try to remove a fox from your property without the correct equipment.

    Not forgetting that foxes are wild and unpredicatable and their bites can easily come infected.

    Instead, contact Pest - Go Limited.

    We are wildlife control experts will safely remove any foxes that have managed to access your property in London, Essex & Hertfordshire.

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    Trapping urban foxes is a very effective and selective control method provided thorough Initial Surveys and Risk Assessments have been carried out. 

    A great deal of expertise is required to effectively trap urban foxes.

    It's not as simple as buying a trap of the internet and hoping for the best.

     Urban Fox trapping by inexperienced people may and will serve to educate foxes, making them very difficult to catch, even by experienced Urban Fox Management technicians.

    Urban foxes that are deliberately released or accidentally escape from insuperior traps will almost certainly become 'trap-shy' again making them very difficult to trap, even by the most experienced Urban Fox Management Technician. 


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