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  • Getting called from an angry Site or Project Manager is an all to frequent occurance.

    In the early stages of a build when there are no windows or doors in place, foxes tend to sneak in, sleep on top of insuation materials, chew the cables of lighting and power tools, foul and urinate all over the place and damage construction materials.

    General Construction Site hygiene and housekeeping has improved in recent years with emphasis honed in on Health & Safety. Food must only be eaten in designated areas in order to prevent rodents and other pests.

    Foxes will still scavenge and access voids and placed they are not wanted.

    Pest - Go Limited can provide a full Urban Fox Management Service in London, Essex and Hertfordshire on Construction Sites.

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    Once we have determined what is going on at your residence or business, we will give you an estimate and explain to you exactly what we will be doing.

    Every job is difference making it impossible to give a rough quote over the phone.

    That said, we can provide a quotation to remove dead foxes over the phone by you giving us your postcode.

    If you re having issues with Urban Foxes; we will come out and do a thorough inspection, determine the problem and explain the course of action we will take to remedy this problem

    We also explain to you your responsibilities as the customer, so we can provide you the quickest, most cost effective solutions to your specific situation.

    We strategically place the traps where they are the most needed and help us insure that we are capturing the target animals that are creating the problems.

    We then give an additional estimate on any repairs and prevention solutions to help avoid any future problems.

    Sometimes a customer will delay on their decision to remove the nuisance foxes.

    If they wait too long the damage only gets worse and the costs can increase as well as the damage/health & safety risk being caused.

    Finally, It will cost you dearly in the end if you employ someone who hasn't go a clue as to what they are doing or the Law.



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    Pest - Go Limited professional Wildlife Management and Urban Fox Control Services covering London, Herts and Essex. We have been in the Wildlife Management and animal control business for over 15 years and we offer long term solutions to Schools, Local Authorities, Commercial/Residential owners, Construction Sites, Hospitals, Goverment Agencies and Property Managers seeking Wildlife Removal and Wildlife Management Services. The professionals at Pest - Go Limited use humane capture methods in accordance to The Animals Welfare Act 2006 and prevent future occurrences.

    We also work closely with other established Pest Control Operators that do not  provide such as specialist service both on an advisory level and sub-contract level.

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    If you have an unwanted Urban Foxes taking up residence in your home, business or property, we can help.

    Our professionals will come out to your location and carry out a thorough inspection to determine the best legal course of action.

    You can rely on our expertise and knowledge to help you with your nuisance Urban Foxes.

    Our Urban Fox Technicians  only use humane & UK legal capture methods.

    An Urban Fox exclusion is a process that allows the fox (es) to get out and not get back in.

    After our Urban Fox Technician is convinced that there is no more animal activity inside by using CCTV Camera and Motion Sensor Cameras, they will seal up all possible entry points and eliminate the possibility of re-entry to your property.

    One-way gate exclusions are carried out depending on the current isssue and situation.

    Dead Fox Removal. If you have a Dead Fox around your property, we will take the necessary steps to restore things back to normal as discretely as possible.

    We will locate the problem, remove it, abate any contaminated materials and disinfect the site area.

    We also provide beneficial consultations that have already been tried and proven by hundreds of satisfied customers.

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