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    CountryFile's John Craven and I investigating Urban Foxes in London 2010.

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    Pest - Go Limited provide a prompt and reliable dead fox removal service in London.

    Most Local Authorities do not provide a dead fox removal service and leave the responsibility at the door of the property owner.

    We are fully insured and licensed waste carriers.

    Dead foxes are bagged/sealed and the surrounding areas cleaned/disinfected.

    We alway's use specific biocides to ensure all bacteria and malodours are eliminated.

    Dead foxes are removed from site for incineration.

    This is NOT a free service; however, our charges are reasonable considering what is involved.

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    PestEx 2015 20 February 2015 | Comments (0)

    Visit us on Stand 68.


    Come and view some interesting fox-related parasites.............

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    Garden over-grown?

    We can cut it back to a more managable level.

    Give us a call and we will give you a realistic quotation.

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