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    Dead Fox Removed from Enfield property this afternoon.

    Area cleaned and disinfected afterwards to make safe.

    As a professional Urban Fox Management Service Provider; we are licensed by the Environment Agency in that we hold a valid Waste Carrier Certificate.

    All dead foxes are incinerated by a third party.

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    A selection of parasites removed from urban foxes during post-mortem will be on display on stand 68 during PestEx 2015.

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    Since we live in a society that desires everything quick and easy, we’re used to rapid resolutions to most problems.

    In the world of Urban Fox Management/Control, there is no fast forward switch.

    Property Manager's / Property Owner's/ Land Agent's often believe getting rid of a unwanted fox is a easy task that only requires setting up a trap.

    Being that we are dealing with unpredictable wildlife; timescales are very difficult to predict.

    Proper Urban Fox Management requires skill, a good eye to inspect and locate entry points, and patience.

    A reputable Urban Fox Management Professional will explain the entire process and keep you up to date at all times.

    In some cases, dishonest 'wanna-be's'  may adopt illegal methods. They will also avoid checking traps every 24 hours or rely on clients to watch traps and call if something is caught.

    If you have to employ a Urban Fox Management Professional you should never be required to monitor traps on your property.

    A Urban Fox Management Professional should be visiting your traps every 24 hours in order to release non-target species and maintain food/water.


    Points to check:

    • Firearms Licensing
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Past Experience and references that you can actually check up.
    • Trade Association (BPCA / AUWP)
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    London is full of new developments that have been refurbished from old buildings.

    On most occasions; the best way to hide high ceilings, pipes, cables and defects is to install a suspended false celing.

    Lowering the ceiling also helps reduce energy usage.

    Any gaps in the building fabrication, missing/loose or damaged roof tiles can allow pests to enter including foxes.

    A false ceiling make an ideal location for foxes to harbour undetected until they crash through a weak tile.

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