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  • True or False 15 February 2015 | Comments (0)

    True or False:

    It is legal in the UK to place poison down in order to target nuisance foxes only.


    A: False - It is highly illegal to place poison down in order to kill foxes. Not only is it cruel; it puts other wild, domestic pets, birds and children at risk.

    Dead foxes that are suspected of being poison can be testsed and the origin located.

    For further information contact Natural England or The Campaign against Illegal Poisoning.

    Remember: Only APPROVED methods of control againsts urban foxes are allowed in the UK.

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    If you are going to provide a complete Urban Fox Management Service you need to have the correct handling equipment for the situations you are likely to be called into.

    Due to urban foxes opportunistic and unpredictable nature; they often explore their environment with out fear and will find themselves in sensitive areas unable to retrace their steps and exit.

    In their panic they are likely to cause damage by chewing or knocking things over.

    In order to prevent further damage and the risk of parasite ingress such as fleas and ticks; prompt removal is required.

    Trying to 'shoo' them out of a 14th floor building is a non-starter and calls for specific equipment.

    Pest  - Go Limited have all necessary equipment for the safe restraint and removal of urban foxes that have been found in areas that they cannot simply leave from.

    Schools, Building Sites, Cinemas, Warehouses, Hospitals, Residential/Commercial Premises; we have been called to them all.

    London, Essex & Hertfordshire areas covered.

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    When it comes to excluding urban foxes from getting underneath portable buildings, mobile site offices, temporary classrooms, decking and garden buildings we not only have to expertise and experience to carry out such a task; but we also source the best tried and tested materials available to be able to guarantee our workmanship and installations provided that they are not physically tampered with.

    For a free no obligation survey and quotation; call us today to appoint.

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    Not one urban fox conflict is ever the same which is why we are very experienced and knowledgable in dealing with a whole host of urban fox / human conflicts.

    The most important aspect of dealing with any urban fox issue is that what ever is carried out is done so legally, safely and humanely.

    We always take an intergrated and open-minded approach when it come to providing the best solution when dealing with urban fox issues.

    We will explore all non-lethal routes first such as proofing & exclusions, habitat management, housekeeping and hygiene.

    If you are experiencing urban fox issues in London, Essex or Hertfordshire, speak to us first be for you do anything.

    It it you right to protect your property and it's contents against damage and disease that may be cause by urban foxes.

    It is also your right to do nothing if you so wish.

    Eitherway, following a consultation; we will totally respect your decision eitherway.

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