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    Demountable classrooms offer semi-permanent classroom accomodation.

    As they become a permanent feature the skirtings rot and foxes can gain entry to the under parts that offer living quarters to be proud of.

    By carrying out precautionary proofing works would help prevent the risk of foxes moving in and harbouring underneath.

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    What's going on under the demountable classroom?

    The only way to find out is don protective equipment and with a high powered torch and take a look.

    Foxes had been active under this classroom and there was plenty of 'recycling' that has been dumped underneath following scavenging raids on neighbouring properties.

    More concerning were electrical cables and blue water piping with bite marks.

    Having established no fox activity was present; accessible holes and gaps were adequately proofed in order to prevent re-ingress.



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    Here I am this morning at Stepney City Farm in the centre of Tower Hamlets London presenting two rolls of animal stock fencing in order to help keep the farm animals in.

    As a business working in London we like to help out local community projects when we can.

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    Urban foxes are mainly active at night due to their ability to see exeptionally well in the dark although they are NOT nocturnal. Behind the layers of eyecells is further layer called the tapetum lucidum. This reflects light back through the eye doubling the intensity of sight information received by the fox.  Foxes eyes glow green when light is shone into them at night.

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