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    BASIS PROMPT is an independent industry/goverment recognised register of professional pest controllers who have achieved the required level of competence and have invested time in keeping their knowledge and skills up-to-date.

    Membership is confirmation that a pest controller has attained or is studying to achieve a recognised professional level of training and competence.

    Pest controllers having an industry registered qualification and regularly undertaking CPD which can be independantly verified by a recognised organisation such as BASIS PROMPT.

    The success of the register is also helping to establish a betteer definition of a professional pest controller; which is much needed in the UIK and may be required by future legislation.

    Full membership is open to all RSPH Level 2 qualified operators who agree to continue to keep up to date through regular CPD activities.

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    Dead fox removed from a property in Wanstead E11 this morning.


    Surrounding areas treated with an appropriate disinfectant.


    The carcase will be collected by a specialist company for incineration.

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    As well as dealing with isolated incidents concerning Urban foxes; we also are capable of undertaking fox management issues in larger than average gardens, paddocks and wildlife reserves. As alway's we would need to carry out a full Risk Assessment before deciding what the most appropriate action to be taken will be.

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    Although not unheard of; urban foxes will attack small pets that are not capable of defending themselves such as kittens, elderly cats, puppies of all breed and small breed adult dogs.

    This is not to mention guinea pigs, rabbits and poultry.

    Foxes are predators, opportunistic with very sharp, long, thin pointed teeth capable of inflicting serious injury or killing.

    I will be investigating a property in Stoke Newington N16 tomorrow morning where a pedigree puppy was attacked in a back garden which received life threatening injuries.

    Last week I had a call from a resident in Brixton who's cat was chased down the garden by a fox. As the cat went through the cat flap it had it's tail bitten by the fox.

    Due to their natural instinct to hunt; mixed with their bold, fearless behaviour, urban foxes are a risk to small and elderly pets.

    Urban foxes with over familiar behaviour having had close human interaction from a young age develop into nuisance and persistent problems.

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