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  • There is so much conflicting information in the public domain with regards to the management of urban foxes.

    Poor information leads to confusion.

    This really leaves the researching public looking for a reputable Urban Fox Control Specialist questioning what is correct information and what is a load of hot air.

    The following paragraphs were found on a 'Pest Controller's' website:

    "The city is not the best home for foxes, so relocation is the best option. It is illegal to shoot foxes or hunt them in an urban area, so trapping by a professional is the best option – something that the ****** pest control team is equipped to do. Our pest control team know the habits and capabilities of foxes well, so we will be able to out-fox any foxes that plague you".

    "When the only thing you want to hear a fox say is “Goodbye,” the ******* pest control team are the people to call. We use humane methods of trapping and work in a way that is best for the fox as well as for you".

    Firstly, the Relocation of urban foxes to another location is a contravention of The Animal Welfare Act 2006. This sort of action would cause "Unnecessary Suffering" and could potentially transmit disease from one area to another.

    Secondly, it is NOT illegal to shoot foxes. The requirements would be that the person carrying out the procedure would hold a valid firearms/shotgun certificate and be totally competent in what they do.

    It would also be illegal to shoot a fox with a bow/cross bow or air rifle which would only inflict pain and suffering to the fox.

    Thirdly, if you are going to offer such a specialist service you would be aware of the Law, Legislation and local bye laws.

    The trapping and relocation of urban foxes is definately NOT best for you (the client) or the fox.

    The dumped foxes would suffer and you (the client) would be party to the wildlife crime.

    Companies that trap and relocate urban foxes have no interest in animal welfare; they do have a vested interest your wallet.

    Please, please, please ask the questions.

    If you are not comfortable with the answers you are given; please walk away.



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    Pest - Go Limited doesn't have any 'competitors'.

    We don't recognise companies that carry out urban fox management illegally (trap & relocate) or have no regards to animal welfare or disease management.

    We do however have a very close networking relationship with other leading industry wildlife experts.

    We draw upon each others knowledge and years of experience to ensure the client gets the best services possible and uphold the principal's of animal welfare and disease management.

    We support each other by providing technical assistance and geographical cover.

    Although we are from totally separate companies; we look at and introduce each other as 'colleagues' as opposed to 'competitors'.

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    Each day we are all met with challenges. Today was one of those days.

    I was tasked with extracting the above 55Kg dumped dog from a river bank before it was taken away for incineration.

    Throwing a dog carcase over a bridge is an Environmental Crime; not responsible pet ownership.

    By the look of it; the poor dog probably was just a puppy machine rather than a loved pet.



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    So much time, planning, effort and expense is put into the installation of decking.

    What is often over-looked is the fact that there is a void underneath and foxes have paws like JCB buckets and can quickly dig under and in.

    Once the foxes have managed to get under the decking; they have 5* living quaters and an idea place to breed.

    A dead fox underneath a decking coud cause serious upset.

    Our Decking Proofing & Exlusion Service has been used across London in different premises such as schools and private homes.

    We only use 2" X 2" 2mm gauge galvanised meshing - NOT CHICKEN WIRE !!!!

    All meshing is secured in place using appropriate fixtures and fittings.

    Call or email us today for a free inspection / quotation.

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