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    Pest - Go Limited will be found at Stand 68.

    On display will be various internal & external parasites related to urban foxes and examples of proofing materials and handling equipment.

    If you are a Pest Control Company in London, Essex or Hertfordshire please come over and say hello.

    Drop a business card into the bin and you could be the winner of a new cordless Hitachi drill.

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    As you can imagine we get called into all types of premises and buildings where foxes have managed to reach.

    Open doors, missing air bricks, basement openings and windows are simply an invite for opportunistic foxes to enter, explore in search of food or possible harbourage.

    Sometimes they loose their way and end up being trapped in rooms, voids, stairwells or roof voids.

    Being a professional Urban Fox Management Service provider; we have the necessary equipment to swiftly and safely restrain a fox and remove it out of the building.

    I have been called to a 5th floor kitchenette and basement of a hospital, hospital pharmacy, numerous construction sites and school classrooms to remove trapped foxes around London/Essex to mention a few.

    Speed is of the essence as a stressed fox will cause untold damage to electrical cabling, computers, books and fabrication in it's panic to get out if trapped.

    Sometimes trying to flush a fox out isn't enough. You need the right equipment.

    The other risk with having a trapped fox in a room or building is the introduction of fleas and other biting insects that may fall off the foxes body.

    Foxes by nature are wild and unpredictable animals.

    Don't leave it to chance; call in Pest - Go limited if you need to safely and swiftly remove a trapped fox from a building or room/void in London, Hertfordshire or Essex.

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    We use small and large CCTV with recording and image taking facilities to see exactly what is down the hole or in a void.

    We take our surveys very seriously when dealing with urban fox enquiries.

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    Dead Fox Removal 05 February 2015 | Comments (0)

    Pest - Go Limited and can help you with Dead Animal Removal in London, Essex or Hertfordshire.

    We remove the dead animals, clean up any mess left behind and repair the damage they may have caused.

    Dead Animal odour is usually the a sign there is possible a dead animal on your premises.

    When an animal is sick or wounded, its first instinct is to find a place to hide.

    How do you get rid of dead animals?

    Unfortunately, there is no magic spray or device that you can use to make them go away.

    The dead fox must be found, removed and properly disposed of then the area must be cleaned and decontaminated.

    It is also critical to perform animal exclusion to ensure the area is properly sealed off to prevent any animals from returning.


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