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  • Foxes will live anywhere.

    False ceilings, under sheds, under decking, unused basements, wall voids anything really goes.

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    Here are selection of some recent fox proofing carried out in order to deny foxes access underneath a home gymnasium situated at the end of the garden.

    In order to preserve the new buildings warranty; although the meshing was installed at 90 degrees, it was not actually attached to the building.

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    When we carry out your initial site survey we will provide you with the facts, our accurate findings and what we can legally do to resolve the current issue.

    We do not scaremonger, offer 'special promotion discounts' like double glazing salespeople or pressure you into a decision.

    We are a professional company and intend to be around for many years to come to help assist others experiencing similar urban fox issues.

    We prefer to email you our report and findings so that you can make an informed decision as opposed to making a rash decision.



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    The wording "Fox Control London" can be slightly misleading as the "Control" aspect  is a mere percentage of what we do when providing an Urban Fox Management Service across London.

    Our Urban Fox Management Services also includes:

    * Habitat Management & Adjustment

    * Dead Fox Removal & Disinfection

    * Technical Fox Proofing & Exclusion

    * Emergency Fox Extraction from inside buidings and sensitive areas

    * Legal targeted control when deemed necessary in the interest of public safety, damage limitation, animal welfare and disease management.

    For advice and assistance regardless of premises type, contact us today for an informal visits and chat.


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