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  • The proofing and exclusion of an area to prevent urban foxes gaining access and harbouring underneath can save alot of time and problems in the future.

    I was called to a Primary School this morning in Tottenham London where over the past few years foxes had been digging underneath decking on the edge of the playground in close proximity to the children.

    As the school has a Duty of Care towards it's pupils, staff and visitors; it was decided that this year the area should be proofed in order to prevent further fox ingress.

    After using my CCTV Fibre Optic Camera to inspect all areas under the container; it was confirm that no animals were underneath.

    Galvanised Meshing was cut and folded to make an 'L' shape that was securely fixed to the outside of the decking and the ground meshing buried in order to prevent further digging.

    Taking these measures early will ensure urban foxes will not get into areas where they could cause damage, create a health & safety issue, introduce parasites or come into close proximity to children.

    Please contact us of you want to discuss any form of urban fox proofing or exclsuin regardless of property type.

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    One Friday early evening last summer I received a phone call from a lady in Ilford Essex reporting that there was a dead fox in her garden she wanted disposing of.

    I asked the usual questions such as was the fox 100% dead, how long had it been there and is safe access available.

    After my quotation was accepted I made my way to the property.

    On arrival I was guided through the house into the back garden. By this time it was getting dark so I use my torch to locate the dead fox.

    The dead fox turned out to be a dead Canadian Goose that must have dropped from the sky.

    The Canadian Goose was bagged-up the same for incineration and the surrounding area disinfected.

    Another (unusual) task completed!


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    Before you even consider filling the hole that the fox has been going in and out of you will need to 100% ensure that it has gone.

    It is illegal in the UK to entomb and animal and that includes a fox.

    So before you get the bricks, meshing and cement mixer ready - make sure and confirm that NO animals are trapped.

    I have known local cats to frequent and explore fox earths; so before you get the shovel out make sure thing is down there.

    As a well equiped specialist, we use motion sensor cameras, CCTV fibre-optic cameras and one-way gates to exclude foxes followed by proofing works using appropriate materials.

    If in doubt, seek professional and experienced help.

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    All to often I receive calls by members of the public requesting that I attend to place "bait" down for the nuisance foxes.

    It is illegal to place poison down with the intention to target foxes.

    Not only would this be extremely cruel and would cause a unthinkable painful death it would put domestic pets, other wildlife and birds at risk of poisoning; not to mention putting children and vunerable adults at risk of accidental poisoning.

    The poisoning of foxes in the UK is Illegal.

    If you suspect that a fox has been posioned in your area you can report it to Natural England or the Campaign against Illegal Poisoning (CAIP) which are run by the Government Agencies DEFRA / Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA formally FERA).

    Always seek professional help.

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