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    The above fox was report to be hanging around a East London Primary School.

    Traps were put out as it was clear the fox was in pain and distressed.

    The fox have become entangled in orange barrier fencing that you often see being used on building sites.

    The fencing had cut into the foxes flesh and open wounds could be seen.

    The fox was put to sleep in order to prevent further suffering.

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    Flat or semi-pitched extention roofs and open windows are such an attraction for opportunistic foxes in London scavenging for food, items or a bit of warmth in bad weather.

    This year alone I have probably been called out to 15-20 calls in London where foxes have been reported to have been discovered in a 1st floor bedroom or a ground floor bedroom.

    Access has always been through an open window or a back door left open.

    In London where we live in such close proximity to urban foxes; the type of occurance is not an every day event but it is certainly not unheard of.

    What may be a funny event can turn into a costly event if the fox starts to chew electrical cables, pipes and contaminates belongings with urine and faeces.

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    Hole in the Wall 20 December 2015 | Comments (0)


    I was called to investigate a 'rotting' odour (more to come) in the from the sitting room of a North London house and fleas coming up from the floor boards.

    Upon inspection the external walls I discovered behind a plant pot a missing air brick. (Pic Above)

    The first job was to fit a one way gate and motion sensor camera to monitor what was going in and out.

    Below: One way Gate Fitted

    The Odour in the Front Room

    You guessed it.

    The fox that was using the underparts of the house accessed via the missing air brick had such bad mange that it had died under the floorboards in the front room.

    Floor boards were lifted (by the property owner) to access the dead fox so that it could be safely removed for incineration and the surrounding area treated with an appropriate insecticide to take care of the fleas and a biocide disinfectant to help destroy the odours of this North London home.



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    Proofing Fox Activity From East London School



    Urban foxes were living underneath the above container which was being used as a toy store at a Nursery School in East London.

    It was necessary to prevent the foxes from using this area due to the fact that the foxes were in such close proximity to the young children.

    The ground and skirts were cleared to enable safe and effective working.



    Once the ground was cleared, Galvanised Meshing was attached to the periphery of the container and surrounding soft ground in order to prevent digging and access to the underparts.



    Fresh mulching was placed on top of soil removed at the start to give an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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