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  • Construction Sites and Industrial Sites are at particular risk of urban  fox ingress and damage to building fabrication and the gnawing of cables. Most urban fox issues on constructions sites often occurs in the early stages of the build whilst there are no windows or doors.

    Foxes by nature will scavenge and can be found on all-levels. Height is not an issue.

    Flea infestations are common as well as persistent fouling and urination around site by foxes (not workers!).

    Tool box discussions should include "Risks associated with Pests" including Rats, Mice and Urban Foxes.

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    3 Adult Foxes observed in a Manor Park E12 back garden this afternoon. Over familiar behaviour and stand off's between the foxes and property owners is becoming a cause for concern. The foxes demonstrated a 'no-fear' attitude towards human activity probably instilled from a young age enhanced by human interaction.

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    Two foxes scrapping in a Manor Park E12 back garden.

    Note the mange on the hind quarters of the right fox with no hair on it's tail.

    This skin disease will be transmitted to other foxes it comes in contact with.

    Incessant scratching will lead to open wounds and potential blood poisoning.



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    I was contacted to do by a researcher working for a film making company in Ireland.

    I was told that they were making a film/documentary about the urban fox problem in London.

    I told them that I was unaware of a 'problem' in London with urban foxes.

    The researcher asked me if I would be prepared to be filmed on 'location' shooting a fox.

    I politely declined on health & safety grounds.

    Scaremongering the public by the enormous power of media is something that I do not want to be apart of.

    I set very high standards and demonstrate a professional attitude to my work.


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