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    Waste Management is everyone's responsibility.

    Scavenging urban foxes will naturally root through piles of rubbish in search for food and rodents.

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    PestEx 2015 05 March 2015 | Comments (0)

    The count down is truly on.

    We look forward to meeting and greeting pest control technicians from across London, Essex & Hertfordshire.

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    If we need to monitor fox activity or confirm that no foxes are present before carrying out exclusions and proofing work which is why we always deploy motion sensor camera's.

    The camera's will detect movement day or night using infra red technology.

    Motion Senor Camera use is essential in out day to day work.

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    We believe that habitat management is a very important aspect in Urban Fox Management.

    We may not be landscape gardener's but we do have the brush cutting and grass cutting equipment to cut down and tidy over grown gardens making them less attractive to urban foxes to harbour in.

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