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    When it comes to excluding urban foxes from getting underneath portable buildings, mobile site offices, temporary classrooms, decking and garden buildings we not only have to expertise and experience to carry out such a task; but we also source the best tried and tested materials available to be able to guarantee our workmanship and installations provided that they are not physically tampered with.

    For a free no obligation survey and quotation; call us today to appoint.

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    Not one urban fox conflict is ever the same which is why we are very experienced and knowledgable in dealing with a whole host of urban fox / human conflicts.

    The most important aspect of dealing with any urban fox issue is that what ever is carried out is done so legally, safely and humanely.

    We always take an intergrated and open-minded approach when it come to providing the best solution when dealing with urban fox issues.

    We will explore all non-lethal routes first such as proofing & exclusions, habitat management, housekeeping and hygiene.

    If you are experiencing urban fox issues in London, Essex or Hertfordshire, speak to us first be for you do anything.

    It it you right to protect your property and it's contents against damage and disease that may be cause by urban foxes.

    It is also your right to do nothing if you so wish.

    Eitherway, following a consultation; we will totally respect your decision eitherway.

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    Pest - Go Limited is the first choice of many for Dead Fox Removal in London/Essex/Hertfordshire due to there experience and compassion in the matter.

    Our technicians are highly experienced in this type of work and in a variety of premises.

    We always disinfect the effected area following a dead fox removal and leave the site cleaner than found.

    Pest - Go Limited is a Licensed Waste Carier (Environment Agency) and fully Insured.

    Unfortunately this is not a 'free' service.

    Your quotation will be determined on your postcode.

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    It is important that you select the right contractor when it comes to dealing with urban fox issues.


    Although foxes are not a protected species; they are afforded limited protection under The Animal Welfare Act 2006.


    You really need to check-out whoever you are going to be employing.


    In this day and age cost is an issue but unlike treating rats, mice, insects and other nuisance pests; dealing with urban foxes is in a totally different camp of it's own namely "Wildlife Management".

    You need to ask the questions:

    Is there adequate insurance?

    Does the operator have a Waste Carriers Licence?

    Does the operator have a valid Firearm Certificate?

    If what you are being told seems to good to be true then it probably is.

    Finally, speak directly to the technician that will actually be carrying out the work - not the salesman in the suit and ask for referalls.

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