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    Company Director Steve Barron standing on Horse Guards Parade Square on Remembrance Sunday prior to going out on parade with The Royal Pioneer Corps Association and further 10,500 Army, Air Force & Navy Veterans.

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    Be it term time or school holiday's, we can assist schools experiencing fox issues depending on the outcome of a Risk Assessment / Initial Survey Inspection.

    The main reason we are called into schools are:

    >Urban foxes becoming over familiar with the school grounds, pupils and staff

    >Urban Foxes harbouring underneath classrooms, decking, sheds, buildings.

    >Persistent fouling, urination and ingress of rubbish.

    >Health & Safety concerns; especially where young children are present and immature hygiene is of concern such as fingers in mouth / mouthing objects that foxes may also have mouthed)

    >The constant digging of sports/play fields where children could sprain anckles.

    Following a no obligation Site Inspection; we will be able to put together an action plan to help manage urban foxes at your school.

    All operatives are DBS checked and fully insured.



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    Over the past 10 years we have been called out to some very interesting calls.

    The one's that spring to mind are:

    >Fox crashes through false ceiling of cinema and found behind popcorn servery counter.

    >Fox trapped in basement of hospital plant generator room closed to x-ray equipment.

    >Foxes living in classroom false ceiling of Primary School.

    >Fox residing behind vanity unit on a 7th floor apartment block under construction.

    >Fox on 14th floor of construction site in Ilford Essex.

    >Fox trapped overnight in Primary School's I.T classroom. All computers were damaged, cables gnawed and contaminated with urine & faeces.

    >Newly weds return home to Stamford Hill flat to find mangy fox asleep on arm chair in the lounge.


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    Constructions sites are most at risk of urban fox activity in the early stages of the build project prior to doors and windows being fitted making the build secure.

    As more and more construction is taking place in London; human/urban fox conflicts are likely.

    Issues often reported at:

    >Persistent fouling & urinating

    >Foxes living underneath site offices and mobile  buildings

    >Insect Ingress (Fleas / Ticks)

    >Cable gnawing / tool damage / contamination

    >Foxes accessing voids in building

    >Building fabrication / insulation damage

    >Foxes being found on upper levels unable to get out of a specific areas

    We are able to advise and assist in the above be offering a suitable method of management.

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