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  • If you are using demountable buildings for an office or teaching purposes; sooner or later the skirting boards will rot allowing foxes access to the under parts.

    When these buildings are placed it is very rarely thought about whether or not foxes would seek to use them to live under bearing in mind the dry, warm living space they can offer.

    Apart from the inconvinience of a fox dying underneath and the bad odours created or waste, rubbish & debris being contantly introduced; the other hazards to consider are those of electrical cable chewing or blue poly water pipe chewing and damage that could have serious consequences.

    We can offer a cost effective solution in order to exclude and then proof buildings such as these against fox ingress.


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    Working primarily in London; we are often called to investigate urban fox issue on Building / Construction sites where there is a health & safety risk by the presence of fox. Issues include:

    • Power tool  / lighting cabling gnawing
    • Persistent fouling & urination
    • Fabrication damage and contamination

    We always offer a free, no obligation inspection followed up with a typed report which is send to the Senior Site Manager or Surveyor.

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    Dead Fox in your garden and want to get it safely removed?

    We can help!

    We provide a responsible, safe and prompt Dead Fox Removal Service in London.

    The Dead Fox will be safely contained and the surrounding area disinfected.

    Call now for a free quotation (Have your postcode ready).

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    If you are having issues with urban foxes in London; we would be glad to take a look and discuss the options available to legally deal with the matter.

    This does not necessarily mean lethal control.

    We offer a fully comprehensive service in order to give you the best solution and results.

    Call today for a no-obligation Survey Inspection.


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