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    Pest - Go Limited specialise in the removal of Dead Foxes in London, Essex & Hertfordshire.


    We are licensed waste carriers and fully insured.

    Dead foxes are carefully double bagged and cable tied closed.

    An appropriate disinfectant/insecticide is applied around the area where the fox was found.

    Dead foxes are removed from site for incineration.

    We provide a safe, reliable and responsible dead fox removal solution.

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    If you are sitting outside on your decking or inside your shed/home office and start getting bitten alive by fleas, the chances are a fox may be living below.


    Remedial proofing and the use of an appropriate COSHH approved insectide would eleveate the issue.


    The fact that there may be a fox hosting fleas under your property will be the symptom. The problem would be the lack of precautionary proofing.

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    Fleas are a major issue this time of the year. With long warm days and humid night's make ideal conditions for fleas to breed and use the humble urban fox as a host to live and thrive upon. Unlike domestic pets; foxes are not routinely treated against fleas or other internal or external parasites.

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    It is important to exclude urban foxes from sensitive areas such as this summer house / home office which has electrical and water pipes running underneath the unit. Bones, debris, rotting carcases left over from the last hunting foray, nappies and unpleasant items were raked out from the under void and disinfectant sprayed underneath to remove the foul odours. (No foxes present at time of treatment).

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