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  • Although Redbridge is in Essex it it referred to as The London Borough of Redbridge.

    We have carried out urban fox management works across The London Borough of Redbridge now for many years.

    * Ilford

    * Barkingside

    *Gants Hill

    * South Woodford

    * Woodford Green

    * Clay Hall

    * Newbury Park

    * Goodmayes

    * Seven Kings

    We know all these areas like the back of our hand!

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    For the past 15 years we have carried out urban fox management work across Hackney London.

    We have worked in a variety of commercial & residential properties resolving urban fox / human conflict issues.

    Our tasks mainly involve:

    * Dead Fox Removal

    * Removing specific foxes that have become over familiar with a particular location and their is a potential risk to health & safety

    * Proofing & Excluding a whole host of buildings and properties against fox ingress

    * Restraining foxes and removing foxes discovered in buildings (all levels) with a dog handlers pole.

    If you require asssistance with urban fox issues in Hackney London, please call me on 07930573934 or email foxcontrollondon@live.co.uk

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    If you are a resident in Manor Park London E12 and are having issues with the Fox; help is at hand.

    You must be aware that it is illegal to poison foxes that are causing you a nuisance as this could endanger other animals, birds and children.

    We are highly experienced in urban fox management and discourage DIY attempts.

    Call us to day on 07930573934 or email foxcontrollondon@live.co.uk

    We offer a free, no-obligation inspection in order to investigate the issue and deliver you a solution to the urban fox issue.

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    We have been working with the residents and business owners in Forest Gate London E7 for the past 15 years.

    We know the area, the people and it's issues with urban foxes.

    We are available at short notice to inspect urban fox issues and deal with them in a professional manner.

    * Fox Control

    * Fox Proofing & Exclusion

    * Dead Fox Removal

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