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  • If you are going to have portable buildings/containers/site offices on site for over 6 months you are recommended to install adequate proofing to ensure foxes do not move in underneath and cause issues such as water/communication/cable gnawing and other site hazards.

    Above: Meshing between container offices/store

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    Upon returning home after 4 weeks in Jamaica; my client was greeted with a dead fox on their patio.

    It needed scrapping of and the surrounding area scrubbed clean and disinfected.

    The remains of the dead fox were bagged up ready for incineration.

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    Fox Snares 01 February 2015 | Comments (0)

    The snaring of foxes in the UK is legal though usually used in rural environments as opposed to urban environments due to other species to contend with such as domestic pets.

    Free-running snares are legal but snares that restrict and lock when tighten are illegal.

    Once a fox snare has been set it is a legal requirement to inspect at least once every 24Hrs.

    As soon as a fox has been snared; The Animal Welfare Act 2006 will come into force.

    Pest - Go Limited do NOT use fox snares.

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    February 01 February 2015 | Comments (0)

    The vixen would have by now choosen a suitable location to have her cubs.

    She would also have ear-marked a few other remote locations where she could easily relocate to should she become disturbed of feel unsafe.

    Fox cubs are usually born between late February and the end of March.

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