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  • So much time, planning, effort and expense is put into the installation of decking.

    What is often over-looked is the fact that there is a void underneath and foxes have paws like JCB buckets and can quickly dig under and in.

    Once the foxes have managed to get under the decking; they have 5* living quaters and an idea place to breed.

    A dead fox underneath a decking coud cause serious upset.

    Our Decking Proofing & Exlusion Service has been used across London in different premises such as schools and private homes.

    We only use 2" X 2" 2mm gauge galvanised meshing - NOT CHICKEN WIRE !!!!

    All meshing is secured in place using appropriate fixtures and fittings.

    Call or email us today for a free inspection / quotation.

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    PestEx 2015 27 January 2015 | Comments (0)

    It's getting closer and closer.

    This year for the first time ever I will be exhibiting.

    You can find me on Stand 68 !!

    I will have alot of urban fox related parasites and other equipment on display.

    There will also be a chance to win a cordless Hitatchi Power Drill. Simply drop your business card in the bin and who knows.........

    The "Grand Draw" will take place on the Thursday at 1530Hrs.

    My target audieance will be small-medium size pest control companies operating around London that do not carry out Urban Fox Management.

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    Foxes love to get underneath portable building's.

    Portable building's can be found in Schools, Construction Sites, Warehouse and even some back gardens.

    The problem with most portable building's is that they become a permanent fixture.

    Lack of maintenance often leads to weak points where foxes can gain access.

    Call us today or email us to arrange an appointment to look at proofing and exclusion measures that can be used.

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    Seriously over grown pieces of land that have been neglected for many years call for a difference approach when clearing.

    Our ride-on 4 X 4 brush cutting machinery will decimate scrub, brambles, nettles, thistles and brush.

    If required; this initial treatment could be rolled out onto a quarterly basis if required.

    We can even arrange to have a team attend site to clear fly-tip.

    Our comprehensive Survey Inspection will detail what is recommended and at what cost.

    Again, we believe that Habitat Management helps reduce urban fox intrusion making them feel insecure and less likely to occupy a over grown piece of land which is why we offer such a service.

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