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  • Before you even consider filling the hole that the fox has been going in and out of you will need to 100% ensure that it has gone.

    It is illegal in the UK to entomb and animal and that includes a fox.

    So before you get the bricks, meshing and cement mixer ready - make sure and confirm that NO animals are trapped.

    I have known local cats to frequent and explore fox earths; so before you get the shovel out make sure thing is down there.

    As a well equiped specialist, we use motion sensor cameras, CCTV fibre-optic cameras and one-way gates to exclude foxes followed by proofing works using appropriate materials.

    If in doubt, seek professional and experienced help.

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    All to often I receive calls by members of the public requesting that I attend to place "bait" down for the nuisance foxes.

    It is illegal to place poison down with the intention to target foxes.

    Not only would this be extremely cruel and would cause a unthinkable painful death it would put domestic pets, other wildlife and birds at risk of poisoning; not to mention putting children and vunerable adults at risk of accidental poisoning.

    The poisoning of foxes in the UK is Illegal.

    If you suspect that a fox has been posioned in your area you can report it to Natural England or the Campaign against Illegal Poisoning (CAIP) which are run by the Government Agencies DEFRA / Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA formally FERA).

    Always seek professional help.

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    We take our role in Animal Welfare very seriously as you should when confronted with an issue with Urban Foxes.

    Although foxes are not a 'protected species' they are afforded limited protection under The Animal Welfare Act 2006 which is usually under the "Unnecessary Suffering" section.

    That said, if you are the legal landowner and you have an issue with foxes on your land; it is your right to deal with the matter in a legal and humane manner.

    It is your responsibility to 'check-out' and interview whomever you are going to employ to resolve your Urban Fox Issue.

    I have been told loads of horror stories by clients searching for a responsible Urban Fox Management Company here in London.

    The problem with the Pest Control industry is that it is hardly regulated so you have to do your homework as to who you are going to employ.

    I am not going to go into detail on what would be illegal methods were told would be used as they would give you nightmares; but if anyone says to you "that's for me to know" or "back of the van with a hammer" or mention the word "air rifle" or "poison or gas" or "we release them in a buttercup meadow full of rabbits and green grass" or "captive bolt gun" DO NOT TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGE POLE.

    You should always take time to consider what you have been told and explained.

    You wouldn't rush into buying an expensive car without an element of research, no more than you should rush into selecting an experienced Urban Fox Management Technician.

    Treat the Survey/Initial Inspection/Risk Assessment as an interview and do not be afraid to ask questions. Anyone that avoids answering your questions clearly doesn't know what they are doing. Say thank you, we will be in touch.

    Request that a full Method Statement and Quotation is either emailed or posted.

    Request Public Liability Insurance Certificates, CRB Documents and Environment Agency Waste Carrier's Certificate.

    Ask for evidence of a Firearms Certificate and note the Certificate Number. If in doubt, you can alway contact your local Police on 101 to have the Certificate verified.

    Finally, ask for references and if you don't feel comfortable with the company you are interviewing; DO NOT feel pressurised into using their services.

    The Management of Urban Foxes should not be taken lightly. If you are denied any requested information it should set the alarm bells ringing.



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    Of course it's a major inconvinience and unpleasant matter when you are faced with a dead fox on your property; even worse in the summertime when it will quickly become infested with maggots and flies. Disgusting odours are soon emitted making matters awful.

    Dealing with such an issue needs care and consideration; after all, you do not know why the fox has died where it has.

    Dead foxes will still be a reservior for internal and external parasites and body fluid could contain disease and germs.

    We are fully set up to deal with Dead Fox Removal in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

    Dead Fox's are placed into heavy duty bags and cable tied secure.

    Disinfectant and insecticide along with a deodorising Biocide are applied and all debris removed making the contaminated surface safe.

    All of our clients are then issues with a Waste Transfer Notice and Treatment Report.

    Dead Foxes are taken away for Incineration. This is where the cost comes in.

    If you are seeking a responsible Dead Fox Removal Service in London, Essex or Hertfordshire contact Pest - Go Limited.

    If you are doing the rounds on the phone; make sure you ask if your potential Dead Fox Remover if they 1) Hold a valid Waste Carriers Licence (issued by The Environment Agency) and will issue a Waste Transfer Notice 2) Hold Public Liability Insurance 3) Will clean and treat the effected area with Biocide, Insecticide & Disinfectant 4) Prove where the carcase will be incinerated.

    Pest - Go Limited is also registered with the Animal Veterinary Health Laboratories Agency for the transportation of Dead Fox Cadavar.

    If your quotation is 'cheap' the dead fox will probably end up in a wheelie bin - now You wouldn't want that dumped in your bin..........would you?

    Although it is an unexpected inconvinience; please take responsibility and ask the questions.

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