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  • If you are experiencing problems with foxes in London - call us today!

    We are London's most experienced Urban Fox Management Company.

    Our knowledge is as a result of experiencing many different urban fox related issues which we have safely and humanely resolved.

    We reserve the right to legally control foxes when necessary and safe to do; however, we prefer to explore non-lethal fox control measures such as proofing, exclusion, housekeeping & hygiene and habitat management.

    Speak to us today and if necessary we will visit to inspect and provide the industries leading advice.


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    London's most used Urban Fox Management Service Provider.

    Call today to discuss your needs and arrange a no obligation site inspection.



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    Urban foxes are wild and unpredictable creatures that live in close proximity to us in the ever expanding metropolis of London.

    Having a constant supply of food by taking advantage of the filthy streets and fly tipping hotspots also having a choice of accommodation such as building voids, under sheds / decking; the foxes can successfully survive and adapt to their environment.

    Their presence when living close to humans often brings unwanted conflicts.

    Unwanted advances by bold and confident foxes is not unheard of. Urban foxes in London will also stand their ground and will not be scared easily.

    Pet attacks are also not unheard of and some pet attacks can be fatal if a fox manages to sink it's long, thin and pointed insicor teeth into another animal.

    If you are experiencing issues with urban foxes in London regardless of premises type - please call me for help, advice and if required a site inspection.


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    Although sometimes pleasing to the eye, in some circumstances it is not safe or appropriate to have over familiar foxes either living or frequenting your property.

    You may be experiencing persistent fox issues in your back garden, place of work, school, hospital, warehouse, construction site, under your house, in your loft etc.

    The damage foxes can cause can easily run into the £1000s not to mention the health & safety implications that come with their presence.

    Call today to discuss your concerns and if necessary arrange a site inspection.



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