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  • Urban Fox Management Specialist working within the M25.

    Call today to discuss your issues regardless of premises type.

    All aspects of Urban Fox Management carried out including Urban Fox Control, Dead Fox Removal & Disinfection, Fox Proofing & Exclusion and Habitat Management.

    Tel. 07930573934

    Pest - Go Limited has been established since 2002.

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    If you have discovered a dead fox in your garden or place of work in London; we are here to help remove, disinfect and dispose.

    Call us now on 07930573934 for a prompt, professional & reassuring service.


    Dead Fox Removal London


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    Pest - Go Limited is London's premier Urban Fox Management Service provider.

    Our services are often called upon by 'pest control' companies that cannot provide such a service 'in-house'.

    Deal with us directly and save £££££££££

    All aspects of Urban Fox Management in London provided.

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    Don't mess around with "Dead Fox Removal Companies" that just want to rip you off!!!

    Pest - Go Limited has been helping the citizens of London since 2002 with urban fox management and the legal disposal of dead foxes often found in back gardens, places of work across London.


    Beware of other companies charging ridiculous amounts of money for this service.

    I charge a reasonable and fair amount to cover my attendance, safe removal & disinfection and disposal.

    If you live or work in London and have discovered a dead fox - call now on 07930 573934 for a professional, prompt, clean and hygienic service.

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