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  • The London skyline is covered with cranes and construction sites.

    Old buildings are being replaced with new.

    Construction sites are susceptible to fox ingress during the early stages of the build prior to windows and doors being fitted.

    The usual complaints include:

    * Persistent fouling & urination

    * Stock damage and contamination

    * Electrical cable and water pipe gnawing/chewing

    * Flea and Tick infestations

    * Foxes harbouring under site offices or in cavities

    * Foxes being found in the higher levels of the build   on on the scaffold.

    Call us today for the most experienced & professional urban fox management advice in London.



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    We don't 'dabble' in urban fox management.

    We do it every day of the year.

    This is where our experience and knowledge comes from.

    We only source the best materials to last and we use state-of-the-art fixing equipment.

    Our Fox Proofing & Exclusion service is second to none. Our tried & tested methods of fox proofing and exclusion are always under review to ensure are techniques are the best in the industry. Our reputation matters as does our client's satisfaction.

    Call us today to arrange a no obligation inspection.


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    Dead Foxes removed from all types of properties and some difficult to reach places.

    For a swift, safe and clean professional dead fox removal service call us on 07930573934.

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    We fox proof anything from a garden shed to a construction site office. Anything goes!

    Foxes being opportunistic will live anywhere.

    Mobile buildings, under decking, school classrooms, home offices.

    Call us today to appoint a no obligation site inspection.

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