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  • If you have an unwanted fox living under your decking, shed, building, home, home office, house, classroom; we are highly experienced in removing resident foxes, monitoring and excluding.

    Before we do anything, we inspect, advise and provide a Survey Report/Quotation for your approval.

    Contact us today to make a no obligation inspection appointment.

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    Health & Safety requirements on UK Construction Sites and Building Sites has become more and more controlled over the last 20 years with more emphaises on preventing accidents, hazards and near misses.

    Having foxes on a construction site can potentially cause unforeseen risks such as:

    * Slip & Trip hazard by unseen fox fouling on walkaways

    * Contamination of surfaces with urine (Leptospirosis / Weils disease risk

    * Gnawing of live cables

    * Site Operatives being distracted by the presence of a fox on site

    * Flea / tick / insect infestations

    * Building fabrication damage / contamination

    * Foxes becoming over familiar to the site and dying in wall cavities

    If you take Health & Safety seriously - you will take the presence and implications of foxes on your site as seriously as rats.

    Call today to arrange a no obligation site inspection.

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    As I was told in the Army - "A picture paints a thousand words".

    Here are a series of pictures showing how we exclude foxes from under decking having checked that no animals are present:

    Above: Before Proofing foxes were living under decking gaining access under the front plinth.

    Above: Ground Clearance

    Above: Weed Suppressant Material

    Above: Meshing installed and secured

    Above: Decorative slate chippings replaced

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    The London skyline is covered with cranes and construction sites.

    Old buildings are being replaced with new.

    Construction sites are susceptible to fox ingress during the early stages of the build prior to windows and doors being fitted.

    The usual complaints include:

    * Persistent fouling & urination

    * Stock damage and contamination

    * Electrical cable and water pipe gnawing/chewing

    * Flea and Tick infestations

    * Foxes harbouring under site offices or in cavities

    * Foxes being found in the higher levels of the build   on on the scaffold.

    Call us today for the most experienced & professional urban fox management advice in London.



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