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  • Foxes living under building's require evicting as soon as possible to prevent flea / biting insect issues, foxes dying under the building, malodours created by foxes bringing back rubbish and debris from foraging.

    Depending on the time of the year and situation, we may decide to recommend the temporary installation of a one-way gate system to allow foxes to leave but not return.

    This would be monitored with a motion sensor camera which will immediately alert us to any motion detected.

    Once we are satisfied that the fox (es) have left, we will remove the one-way gate and seal the hole they have been using with appropriate fox proofing materials / fixtures and fittings.



    One way gate installations are always tailor-made on side as no building is every the same.




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    Some properties across London are built on Lintels.

    Foxes will, given the opportunity dig down to expose them so that they can access and harbour underneath the building / property.

    Repellents are not going to persuade a fox to leave such a favourable location regardless as to what the product claims to do!

    Our professional exclusion and proofing works are safe, discreet and will permanently remain in place once installed provided that they are not physically tampered with or interfered with.





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    Fox Pest Control in Enfield London EN3

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    Albany Road

    Aldis Mews

    Aldridge Avenue

    Allandale Road

    Archibald Close

    Arnold Avenue

    East Arnold Avenue

    West Ashton Road

    Baddeley Close

    Barrass Close

    Beaconsfield Road

    Bedford Crescent

    Bideford Road

    Bilton Way

    Blanchard Grove

    Bradley Road

    Bridle Close

    Brunswick Road

    Burton Drive

    Carnegie Close

    Catherine Road

    Catisfield Road

    Chesterfield Road

    Chestnut Road

    Coldham Grove

    Colgate Place

    Colt Mews

    Connop Road

    Cornhill Drive

    Crompton Place

    Cunningham Avenue

    Dundas Mews

    Eden Close

    Electric Avenue

    Fairoaks Grove

    Ferndale Road

    Ferns Close

    Fisher Close

    Flandrian Close

    Fogerty Close

    Forest Road

    George Lovell Drive

    Government Row

    Gunner Drive

    Haldane Close

    Harston Drive

    Hartmoor Mews

    Heron Mead

    Hertford Road

    Hertford Road

    High Street

    Hispano Mews

    Hodson Place

    Holly Road

    Holmwood Road

    Innova Way

    Island Centre Way

    James Lee Square

    Jervis Avenue

    Johnby Close

    Joslyn Close

    Kettering Road

    Kinetic Crescent

    King Henry's Mews

    Lloyd Mews

    Lockyer Close

    Lytton Avenue

    Magnetic Crescent

    Malvern Road

    Mandeville Road

    Manly Dixon Driv

    e Manton Road

    Marrilyne Avenue

    Martini Drive

    Mayall Close

    Medcalf Road

    Metford Crescent

    Miller Avenue

    Mollison Avenue

    Mollison Avenue

    Moolintock Place

    Newbury Avenue

    Newport Close

    Ordnance Road

    Ostell Crescent

    Painters Lane

    Park Road

    Polsten Mews

    Power Drive

    Preston Gardens

    Princes Avenue

    Pritchett Close

    Punchard Crescent

    Putney Road

    Ramney Drive

    Raynton Road

    Rigby Place

    Rotherfield Road

    Rubin Place

    Salisbury Road

    Shepley Mews

    Smeaton Road

    Soham Road

    Solar Way

    Somerset Road

    Soper Mews

    South Ordnance Road

    St Stephen's Road

    Standard Road

    Sten Close

    Swan And Pike Road

    The Generals Walk

    Thorneycroft Drive

    Titchfield Road

    Totteridge Road

    Turpin Close

    Tysoe Avenue

    Uckfield Road

    Velocity Way

    Vernon Avenue

    Vian Avenue

    Warlow Close

    Warwick Road

    Watkin Mews

    Whitworth Crescent


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    Fox Control Pest Control in Edmonton London N9 / N18.

    All Fox Pest Issues undertaken.

    Fox Proofing & Exclusion

    Dead Fox Removal

    Legal Fox Control Services


    Aberdeen Road

    Acton Close

    Advent Way

    All Saints' Close

    Angel Close

    Angel Place

    Angel Road

    Angel Road (north Circular Road)

    Ardra Road

    Argyle Road

    Ascot Road

    Balfour Mews

    Balham Road

    Banksia Road

    Barbot Close

    Barnes Road

    Baxter Road

    Beaconsfield Road

    Becket Road

    Bedevere Road

    Benjafield Close

    Bradwell Mews

    Brettenham Road

    Briary Lane

    Bridge Road

    Brockenhurst Mews

    Brook Crescent

    Brookfield Road

    Brookside Road

    Cameron Close

    Cavendish Close

    Cavendish Road

    Cedars Road

    Chalfont Road

    Chauncey Close

    Church Street

    Church Street

    Clarke Mews

    Colthurst Drive

    Conduit Lane

    Conduit Lane

    Cornwall Road

    Craig Park Road

    Cross Keys Close

    Cuthbert Road

    Dane Road

    Daniel Close

    Derby Road

    Dodsley Place

    Dorman Place

    Dunholme Green

    Dunholme Lane

    Dunholme Road

    Edinburgh Road

    Eley Road

    Ellanby Crescent

    Euesdon Close

    Fairfield Road

    Felixstowe Road

    First Avenue

    Fleece Drive

    Folkestone Road

    Fore Street

    Fore Street

    Fraser Road

    Galahad Road

    Gareth Drive

    Genista Road

    Gibbs Road

    Glasgow Road

    Granham Gardens

    Grilse Close

    Haynes Drive

    Hector Close

    Herne Mews

    Hertford Road

    Hyde Way

    Hydeside Gardens

    Hydethorpe Avenue

    Hythe Close

    Inverness Road

    Jeremy's Green

    Kenninghall Road

    King's Road

    Kynoch Road

    Laburnum Avenue

    Lacey Close

    Lansfield Avenue

    Lawrence Road

    Lee Park Way

    Leonard Road

    Liberty Close

    Linnell Road

    Lower Hall Lane

    Lyndhurst Road

    Maldon Road

    Menon Drive

    Meridian Way

    Montagu Crescent

    Montagu Gardens

    Montagu Road

    Montagu Road

    Moree Way

    Morley Avenue

    New Road

    Newdales Close

    Nobel Road

    North Avenue

    Northern Avenue

    Northumberland Gardens

    Osman Road

    Park Avenue

    Park Lane

    Park Road

    Parr Close

    Peel Close

    Pegamoid Road

    Plevna Road

    Princes Road

    Pycroft Way

    Pymmes Gardens

    North Pymmes Gardens

    South Rays Avenue

    Rays Road

    Reculver Mews

    Rose Mews

    Sebastopol Road

    Second Avenue

    Shrubbery Road

    Silver Street

    Silver Street

    Smtyhe Close

    Solomon Avenue

    South Eastern Avenue

    St Martin's Road

    St Peter's Avenue

    Stacey Avenue

    Station House Mews

    Sterling Way

    Sterling Way (north Circular Road)

    Summerskille Close

    Sunnyside Road

    East Sunnyside Road

    North Sunnyside Road South

    Swaythling Close

    Sweet Briar Green

    Sweet Briar Grove

    Sweet Briar Walk

    Sycamore Close

    The Broadway

    The Green

    Thornton Road

    Tristram Drive

    Victoria Road

    Victoria Road

    Walthamstow Avenue (north Circular Road)

    Warriner Drive

    West Close

    Winchester Road

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