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  • I am pleased to have made page 12 of the May 2017 of edition of Professional Pest Control (The journal of the UK Pest Management Industry) in regards to this years PestEx 2017 held at the London ExCel.




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    Dead foxes are part and package of our daily routine.

    We remove them from all different types of situations.

    Foxes will die in the most awkard of places such as under floor boards, wall cavities, flat roofs or just pass away on the lawn.

    We provide a safe and swift Dead Fox Removal Service across London that includes cleaning and disinfection after the clearance.

    Call today for a quote and approximate time of attendance.

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    Pest - Go Limited (Urban Fox Control London) operate across London and the inner City.

    Contact us today to arrange a site inspection if you are having issues with urban foxes.

    You are under NO obligation to go ahead with any recommended work.

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    In my experience, foxes are the symptom of the actual issue.

    Proofing, Exclusion, Housekeeping and hygiene improvements are often necessary along with any physical intervention or control.

    The foxes are simply using the underparts of a building, shed, decking etc because they can.

    Foxes that become over familiar to a particular place usually do some because there is a healthy food supply or somewhere sheltered to reside.

    Contact us if you are in London and having issues with urban foxes.

    We attend all types of properties across London including schools, commercial, residential, hospitals, construction site, factories, warehouses to name a few.

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