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  • March 2019 marked my 3rd year of exhibiting at the BPCA PestEx show which is held at the London ExCel every 2 years.

    Thank you to all of those who stopped on my stand.


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    I was called to inspect a Summer House with decking attached to the front. Foxes were clearly using this structure as a harbourage. Due to be building being regularly used by the owner's children / guests with main electricity cabling & water pipes underneath it was necessary to deny foxes access to the underparts. Following motion sensor camera observations, heavy duty hot dipped galvanised meshing was installed sub-soil, turfs replaced where necessary and additional top soil, grass seed and child safe bark chippings applied to leave a pleasant finish.

    Pictures below:

    Turfs cut and pulled back to be replaced.

    Fresh top soil added to help level surface.

    Galvanised meshing attached to the leading edge of decking / structure at 90 degrees to deny digging secured by Paslode Staples.

    Removed turfs replaced and a mixture of top soil and grass seed added to help re-establish grass growth.

    Professional Fox Proofing & Exclusion.

    Child Safe Bark Chippings / Top Soil & Grass Seed mixture.

    Ground preparation before Galvanised Meshing is placed and Secured.

    Galvanised Meshing installed at 90 degrees and secured to structure using Paslode Staples.

    Fresh child safe bark chippings used to leave an aesthetically pleasing finish.

    For all your fox exclusion & proofing needs in London please call us for the best results and service.





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    Being a professional and long established company, we do not have to offer 'quick fix jobs' that never work - just to win the business and go.

    Never think 'cheap' is the best. 'Cheap' is inferior and shabby if you look in the dictionary.

    We prefer to take a methodical, sensible approach and recommend what is going to help YOU rather than what is going to help us.


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    Fox Control in London Schools

    All aspects of urban fox management provided 'in-house' with no sub-contractor involvement.

    * Fox Control

    * Dead Fox Removal & Disinfection

    * Fox Proofing, Prevention & Exclusion

    * Habitat Management

    * Free Site Inspection (London / M25)


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