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  • As I have said before - a picture paints a thousand words.

    A raised decking system had been installed in a sensitive area where foxes decided it would be an ideal location to breed and live. The proofing and exclusion was carried out to prevent re-ingress and damage.


    Phase 1: Ground & Debris Clearance (Collected by a Licenced Waste Carrier).


    Phase 2: Weed Suppressant Fabric Installation.


    Phase 3: Ground Meshing / Sides Placed & Secured.


    Phase 4: Bark chippings (3000 Litres) to cover meshing leaving an aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance finish.



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    Please Support your Military Veterans


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    Today we were asked to inspect the underparts of a container at the back of a garden where foxes were harbouring.

    Fox Proofing & Exclusion was at the top of our recommendation list!

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    For all your Fox Control Management requirements in Stoke Newington Stamford Hill Lower Clapton South Tottenham Hackney London call us now on 07930573934 or email us.

    * Dead Fox Removal & Disinfection

    * Fox Control Management

    * Fox Proofing & Exclusion

    * Fox Pest Control

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